Her Last Words- august 2014

the look in her eyes
the pain that shes cried
all her success you done jeopardized
all for the bubble, knowing it was trouble
putting her through the daily struggle
after all, you left her in the dust
to deal with nothing but distrust
i think its safe to say your conscious quit
she stood by YOUR side through ALL of it
ten years later came the use and abuse
you kicked her down until she was bloody and bruised
leaving her confused, she thought you were amused
until she found something that soothed
a pill here in there, baring the pain while your pullin on her hair
leaving her shirt in a tear,
some of it was too much to bare.
one turned to two, she did what she needed to do
lines of blue
turned to a toxic brew
next thing a balloon, melted down in a spoon
leavin her with a sense of doom
asking God if he could erase
everything that happened in the first place.